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REVIEW OF Relics Custom and Hot Rod Auto Glass. 
Installation of truck windshield with stainless trim. 
July 2019,  Jonathon Daniell with Relics Custom and Hot Rod Auto Glass in the Austin area has 30 years experience and is able to custom fit and cut on site. Specialty is custom but will work on all makes and models new and old including antique and classic. Contact at 512-409-0613 with any questions or quotes. 

He installed my 1960 Chevy Apache truck windshield with stainless trim. I had another guy come out last year. He was scared to even try. Not to mention, he wanted to charge me twice the money Jonathon charged us. Jonathon is super nice, and very fair. Just thought I’d comment on his work.

Member Asks a Question: What Insurance Carrier Protects Your Classic Car?

See the various responses received:

  • Second car on State Farm. Covered with a specific value that I stipulated and a yearly mileage estimate. Could not cover with another insurance carrier because State Farm would not cover the second car on my umbrella liability policy.
  • I have Farmers for my daily driver and, as you know, staying with standard daily driver coverage on a classic allows you to drive it any time for errands, commuting, etc. just as you would use your non-classic. J C Taylor will provide lower rates but the policy stipulates that the vehicle cannot be used as a daily driver or for errands.  It’s restricted for driving to display at car shows, parades, club events, taking it for repairs or the occasional cruise and you must stay near your vehicle when it is parked. Hagerty is more flexible on use but has an annual mileage limit which is agreed upon up front. Total loss agreed value is written into the classic car policies.
  • I use Hagerty insurance. It was recommended by the person I bought my 66 mustang from last august. I haven't had any claims but they did seem to be very nice in helping me. Talked to AAA about my car and they were not interested (it would be very expensive I was told), I have all my other insurance with AAA and am very happy.
  • I shopped around to everyone when I bought my 35 Ford.  The very best I found was Tommy Wilson down in San Antonio, 210-821-5080,  I had a small claim last winter and they paid me within a week!! Highly recommend…give Tommy a call or his assistant is Liz Quintana.
  • I’ve had Grundy Worldwide for many years and have checked others and i’m satisfied with them. You can set the value of your car and there’s no limit on miles driven per year.
  • Originally they asked me to email pictures of all four sides my car.
  • We have used Grundy insurance for about 15+ years. They sub it out to National General insurance. The premium for 3 cars @ $100,000 total value is $927 a year. We have never had any claims and we never have to report annual mileage or anything else. We are satisfied at this point and hope we never have to check out the insurance coverage.
  • We use Stephanie Myers in RR @American National.
  • The main thing I remember you need to be very cautious about is reviewing the coverage restrictions.  Many of the policies are only valid for shows and do not cover driving the car for tours or road runs. There was coverage available through the National Corvette Museum (you did not need to be a member or have a corvette),  but I’m not sure of the cost or exclusions.
  • I use Hagerty. Rates are good. Service and claims great. I am very pleased.
  • I use Heacock, because when I call the "big guys" about 5 years ago to insure '91 Reatta they were not interested. So when I purchased the '39 Buick, Heacock was very helpful.
  • I could buy stated "agreed" coverage for both vehicles and had an option on mileage driven each year. As I recall, the standard coverage was for up to 1,200 miles per year, but it was a little bit more for up to 4,000 per year. My bill for 2016 from them was $291 for two cars. This is $25K on one and $10K on the other. The coverage includes, Bodily Injury Liability, Property damage liability, uninsured motorists (bodily injury & property damage) Personal injury, roadside assistance, spare parts, trip interruption.
  • A neighbor insures his old Mercedes with Stephanie Myers Agency and is happy with the pricing.
  • I have used Hagerty on my Mustang for over 15 years.  Rates seem very cheap, although I have not shopped around to see if I could do better.  Certainly they are a fraction of what regular coverage would entail.
  • Hagerty Insurance, $362.00 per year.
  • I use Heacock Classic collector car insurance 800-678-5173. Their service is excellent and the premiums are very reasonable.
  • I found the best classic car insurance cover is with "Continental Western Group" or CWG  Their office is in Luverne MN 56156.  Feel free to call them at 507-283-9561 and ask for Kathy.

I recently took my 1967 Camaro to "Muscle Cars of Austin" in Austin my Lake Travis.  I needed a posi-traction rear end installed, and I wanted to replace my mis-matches exhaust system and factory exhaust manifold with a Flowmaster 2.5" exhaust system with "H" pipe and long-tube headers.  This was the perfect shop for the work! 

They looked online with me and recommended the parts to order, and I was able to have the parts shipped directly to the shop.  Then we scheduled a day for me to drop off my car. 

Their shop is very nice, with separate rooms for body work, paint, and intricate work.  The shop looks like what you would see on the TV show "Overhaulin'."  They also have some really nice long-term projects they are working on that would impress anyone!  

Jeremiah at "Muscle Cars of Austin" took great attention to detail and treated my vehicle like it was his own.  All they work on is classic cars, and no mater what work you need done, they have done it before.  The work was not only done properly and on-time, but Jeremish took the time to not only show me the work he had done, but also point out things on my car I was not aware of (i.e. other work that had been done, how my car was in great shape now, and things to look out for in the future).  These guys would love to sit and talk cars with you all day long! 

I am very pleased with the quality of the work that was done on my car, the attention to detail of the shop, and the attitude and true commitment of this company.  There is no other shop I want to take my car to. 

Muscle Cars of Austin
6902 Doss Road
Austin, TX 78734

Prospective Member Asks A Question About Servicing A '57 T-Bird

See the various responses received: 

  • I have had great luck with Cimtex for my 35 Ford.  They charge $75 an hour and won’t keep your car for weeks like some I’ve used.  Contact Tim or Darrell at 512-746-2707…they are east of Jarrell on FM 487.  Huge, clean shop and great guys!!
  • I always use Leo Surrett (Sun City area) for my Chevy.  I began using him upon a recommendation from another club member (and T-Bird owner).  I am super pleased with Leo. I would recommend him to anyone. See his web page at
  • For classics, recommendation for most minor service is to do it yourself, but you can have other do it for you. There are some great service places in Georgetown, however none will know the car and details of the car better than you. Every older car has it’s own personality and knowing the personality of your car is really important, even if you are not doing the work to it. If you’re new to cars and maintenance, I am happy to help you get started and get to know your car (I’m not a business and don’t charge money, just a car lover). I’ve built and maintained many classic cars…. Ford Thunderbirds are generally very easy to keep up. Don, please feel free to give this person my contact info: Chip Springall - - 512.468.8342 
  • We usually do our own maintenance, however, when we need help, we call our son Chris Salisbury @ Monodale Garage in Hutto 512-818-5745
  • You can use Auto spec on Williams just a couple of blocks west of Sun City.  Ask for Boyd to work on your T-Bird.  He always works on my 65 Cobra. Feel free to tell them the guy with the cobra referred you to them.
  • When I had my 55 T Bird I had Christian Bros on Williams drive work on it and was happy with all they did.

Mechanic repairs on 1969 Datsun Fairlady Roadster. 
September 2018, I needed a starter installed. Went to Gregor Imported Car Repairs @ 7101 FM 2338, Georgetown, TX, 78633, Phone # 512-869-1910. They replaced the starter in my 1969 Datsun Fairlady Roadster. I had bought the starter and they charged $90. to install. They treated me wonderful and the shop was clean, neat and professional. I highly recommend them for any repairs. 

Recommended Services 

​Member recommendations for mechanics, detail services, transportation services, and so on.